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Why Choose Us ?

Experienced and compassionate consultants and staff
Patient centred treatment options- explained by doctors, chosen by you- Hence, doctors help you in choosing treatment options best suited for you

Vyas Hospital is a premier mother and child care Hospital , located in the picturesque and serene but well connected Dohla Valley in the outskirts of Bilaspur away from the din and bustle of the city.Established in 2005 by Dr Sonal and Dr Ajay Sharma, with the aim of providing compassionate and homely care to the people of Bilaspur; it soon became famous and started attracting expectant mothers from neighbouring districts of Hamirpur, Una , Mandi . We aim at providing care to the mother and newborn , when they need it the most. One of the missions of Vyas Hospital is to educate the mother and the relatives/ attendants about pregnancy, delivery and after- delivery care; simultaneously clearing their doubts and breaking the myths prevalent in the society. Routine pregnancy check ups at Vyas Hospital include educational sessions about normal and abnormal changes in pregnancy, ultrasounds, various modes of delivery including (frequently opted for )painless delivery and neonatal care. These sessions empower the mother and the attendants to take the correct decision at crucial times.

Our Services

Routine and high risk pregnancy care

In routine pregnancy check up , we provide you with detailed information relevant to your time of pregnancy, along with risks and ways to reduce these risks.After registration at Vyas Hospital, you can avail appointment facility to save time.We provide you a check up schedule.

Delivery and caesarean section

We have a well equipped labour room and Operation Theatre with round the clock presence of obstetrician, Anesthetist and paediatrician. Continuous electronic fetal monitoring is done during labour. Experienced and compassionate nursing staff keep you comfortable, motivated and informed during delivery pains and after birth

24 hour availability of obstetrician and anesthetist

Our emergency service is available by 24*7 and you can call us anytime to consult or in case of any emergency.

Gynecologic surgery- open and laparoscopic

Open as well as laparoscopic surgeries for fibroids, adenomyosis, endometriosis, ovarian tumours and cysts, prolapse, ectopic pregnancy etc.

Ambulance services

We have 24 hours running ambulances and actively working on emergency calls because we understand the value of life. Please do not hesitate to call us.

Infertility treatment - investigation and IUI

We understand the value of parenthood and if you lost all your hopes then try Vyas Hospital once. We are having group of experts and they will make you happy for sure.

Painless delivery (epidural)

Let the fear of labour pains not bother you.Opt for painless delivery and treasure the experience forever.Round the clock availability of anaesthetist and obstetrician ensures that you can opt for painless whenever you need it.

Hysteroscopic surgery

Removal of fibroids and polyps by hysteroscopic surgery can help you avoid major abdominal surgery. Consult us once, if you have been advised major surgery for fibroids.The benefits are same day discharge and quick recovery.

Laparoscopic surgery

Also called keyhole surgery For gynaecologic diseases this is a modern and superior option to conventional open surgery Benefits include less pain after operation , quick recovery and being able to resume work early

Neonatal intensive care unit

NICU with state of the art phototherapy units, ventilator, C- PAP and warmers for the treatment of jaundice, prematurity and sepsis in newborns


A well equipped paediatric intensive care unit for treatment of critically ill children


BCG , Polio( oral and injectable), Hepatitis A and B , Hib,DPT, Rotavirus, Typhoid, MMR vaccines being administered by paediatrician

Infertility- diagnosis

HSG, Semen analysis, TVS, Diagnostic Laparoscopy) and treatment (IUI) done at affordable prices

24 X 7 Pharmacy

Availability of medicines and surgical products

24X 7 laboratory services

haematology, biochemistry and microbiology) Blood and pus culture facilities available


NT scan at 3 months of pregnancy,Level II ultrasound at 4 and a half months of pregnancy ,3 -D ultrasound ,Growth scans after 7 months of pregnancy ,- Routine, TVS and 3-D ultrasound for Gynecologic diseases ,TVS , Follicular study for infertility workup

Consultation in gynaecology

We provide check up facility in gynecological diseases ( eg. heavy menstrual bleeding, menstrual pain , ovarian cyst, irregular cycles etc) along with latest 3-D transvaginal ultrasounds and other investigational facilities

“We strongly believe in providing our patients with maximal and updated evidence based information so that they choose the best treatment option”

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What our customers said

It was a fabulous stay and amazing experience. I have two daughters and both were delivered at Vyas Hospital. The care and treatment is noteworthy. Being a pharmacist myself I am impressed with the kind of medicines Dr Ajay prescribes. No unnecessary medicines are given . The dedication of entire team at Vyas hospital is commendable. They really know how to make these important moments memorable and comfortable at the same time. Thumbs up to the team. Recommend this hospital to my friends and relatives. Overall experience is excellent. Best gynae hospital in town.

Mrs Shashi Sharma

Main Market , Bilaspur

Vyas Hospital is one of the best Hospital in bilaspur district. staff is very brilliant,careful n treat equally to their patients.Hospital provides every latest technique.i am blessed with two daughters for this I'm heartly thankful of this Hospital n spcaily Dr. Ajay sharma.

Mrs Rasmi Gautam

Chandpur Bilaspur

Vyas hospital is one of the best hospital in the region.My daughter Yashodhara and son Yashvardhan were born there and specially the understanding doctor like Ajay moreover it feels like you are taking to a friend, and what else is needed if your doctor is like a friend. A very well equipped and cooperative as well as professional staff. Best team and specially the deciple his dad has maintained to make the hospital clean and staff answerable to the visitors. Keep it up n keep serving the community. Our best wishes.

Mrs Samridhi thakur


DR.AJAY SHARMA AND DR.SONAL SHARMA(A superb personality and spirit of doctor and love)I recall the time (2004-2005), the birth of our second baby.We were in a very critical situation, suffering from severe pain continuously just at the beginning stage of pregnancy.We were praying and visiting a couple of doctors, but it was all in vain, our purposes were not solved.Finally, by the grace of god we met Dr.Ajay and Dr.Sonal.They guided and treated us very nicely.There was a chance of abortion almost 60to 70% It is by there effort and treatment only that within a small period the pain was cured, the case was gradually improved and finally it became a normal delivery which was beyond our expectations.We can never forget any of the moment spent at that time, they treated us like their own family member.We haven't seen such a doctor personality before.From the bottom of our heart, we express that they are very good human being beside a faithful and honest doctor.We pray to almighty God and wish for their long life and very progressive future.

Mrs. & Mr. D Banerjee


This is the best hospital, very caring and courteous. Would recommend to everyone.Excellent care.Very impressed with everything. All procedures are done in an organised and skillful manner.I have been singing the praises to everyone since the experience! I had a very good experience because I was well taken care of by the doctor and the other staff.I choose to come to Vyas Hospital because I received excellent care before and know I would get great care again Approachable Dr Ajay is one of the most professional gynaecologist. He is a great listener and asks the right questions and is genuinely concerned about his patients wellbeing.

Mrs Sarita Gautam


It was my first delivery and was damn scared about, but the way Dr. Ajay, handled a case from the time of conception till delivery was ultimate, he guide in a very proper and friendly way. I have no words to say about his 24X7 services at hospital. Moreover if hygiene aspect is seen it's good, the patient and attendees never feel like they are in hospital.... The entire staff is very much cooperative. The ambulance pickup and drop outs are just a call away. The management of each and everything is very well managed. I would always suggest one to experience their maternity matters in this very good God's home, I bet you won't regret.

Mrs Kinjal Sharma


Vyas Hospital is one of the best hospitals in my view. The way Dr Ajay guides everyone is really commendable. The knowledgeable and experienced team of Vyas Hospital provides best treatment , facilities n congenial atmosphere. I experienced personalised care under expert gynaecologists. I recommend only and only Vyas Hospital to others .

Mrs Anjana Sharma